Whether it is a birthday, wedding, corporate event, dinner function or a private party there is a range of options for cars like sedans, MUV, SUV or limousine Car agencies can provide all. If you are looking for a limousine for your wedding, SUV to pick your guests from the airport, MUV for transportation during an event, the car providers are just a call away. The cars provided have professional drivers in attire, so for your events, you can expect chauffeur like quality from the drivers.

From conferences, diplomatic visits, company meetings, corporate meetings, exhibitions, promotional events, and road shows, the agencies provide car and drivers for all occasions. The packages are customized according to the requirements. The rates are different for different events and allowances for the event drivers are inclusive of the package.

The Providers along with the above also provide 24/7 support and assistant on the road. In a situation where the client is not satisfied with the event driver allocated, the service provider will provide a replacement for the same.

Background checks are done for the event drivers and are selected through a process. They undergo training for safety and once police verification is done, the event drivers employed. All the event drivers have an experience of minimum 3- 4 years of driving professionally. The account manager gives SMS notification before the arrival of the event driver.

For events or exhibitions, the event drivers are paid on a full day basis rather than an hourly basis as it requires shuttle services. The car and driver are at disposal during the events. The event drivers are provided with the schedule of the event , so that the event organizers need to worry about the hotel shuttles and airport pickups.

During a wedding, there are many important arrangements that need to be looked into and shuttle services during the wedding are one of them. The car providers provide the cars along with the event drivers who take care of the shuttle services who make sure the most important day in a person’s life goes as planned and everyone is present for the big day. For the bride and groom cars, the event drivers will fit the flowers on the cars and make sure the decorations are ready.

With a drink and drive being a major factor in traffic accidents, it is always preferred to go for an event driver to order to stay safe. So the next time you have a social event to attend, you can enjoy the party with your friends without worrying about driving and event drivers will be waiting with the car to take you home safely.

And nothing can spoil a good evening party by looking for a parking spot in the busy traffic, which everyone knows is hard to find. With an event driver, you can worry less about traffic and parking.

So the next time, there is a guest arriving at the airport for your event, leave the worries to the event drivers.